Call for Papers–Special Issue: Fostering Ethical Engagement in Global Health

You are invited to submit a paper for possible inclusion in a special issue of the Duke Student Global Health Review (DSGHR), Fostering Ethical Student Engagement in Global Health

At Duke University, students have the opportunity to engage in global health work through a variety of programs on campus, including Duke-sponsored programs, student-run organizations, and independently organized projects. The number and breadth of these programs has placed Duke as one of the premier institutions in global health. However, these programs and organizations function relatively autonomously, with little communication between them. As a result, there is little consensus on general expectations for engagement in global health work, particularly relating to the ethics of engagement. 

In Spring 2019, The Duke Student Global Health Review hosted a Roundtable event in which experienced undergraduate students and graduate students convened to discuss current challenges to ethical engagement and potential solutions to surmount these barriers. This Roundtable established common themes surrounding ethics of engagement and areas for growth, and led to the formation of a framework for future direction and a position paper. 

The goal of this work is to situate ethical student engagement at the center of discourse about global health at Duke and to encourage student engagement in a way that does not pose a risk to the student, patient, or community in which experiences occur. 

Our special issue aims to expand the conversation surrounding ethics in global health research at Duke. Areas of interest for this special issue include, but are not limited to, the following topics: 

  • Reflections on global health fieldwork, including ethical challenges and dilemmas 
  • Case studies on “ethical” student engagement in global health 
  • Building strong partnerships with community partners 
  • Pre-departure training and competency development 
  • Ethics of documenting and sharing global health experiences 
  • Perspective pieces on cultural competency, power dynamics, and privilege 
  • Intersection between global health ethics and policy 
  • Global health and human rights 
  • Review articles on ethical frameworks for global health engagement 
  • The role of humanities in promoting ethical engagement  

You will need to indicate your intention to submit your abstract by email to dukestudentglobalhealthreview@gmail.com

Important Dates: 

  • Full Paper SubmissionDue: March 15, 2020
  • Decision Date: April 1st, 2020
  • Paper Revisions: Due May 1st
  • Issue Released: June 1st


DSGHR Executive Board 

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