The Duke Student Global Health Review, Duke’s premier global health journal, is soliciting 150-word article pitches and accepting full-length submissions!

The Review accepts content pertaining to Global Health that fit into the following categories:


All essays related to global health will be considered. Acceptable submissions range from analytical essays to perspective pieces to personal reflections on summer experiences (i.e. DukeEngage). The mission of DGHR is to create an open forum for global health discourse, and thought-provoking essays are among the best ways to do so.

Global Health Projects

Papers concerning any type of global health project are welcome. These projects do not have to be experimental in nature: program evaluations and project reflections will be accepted. Projects done through Duke Global Health SRT, Duke Bass Connections, and student organizations are especially encouraged to apply for publication.

Recent Review

Commentary papers on a broad range of topics relevant to global health are welcome. The content must be original, and it must contribute a new perspective on a recent development in global health. These recent reviews aim to contribute to the forefront of global health discourse.

Don’t have anything to submit? Propose a topic!

Have an idea about something you want to research and write about? Propose a topic to be included in our next issue! If your proposal is selected, we will work with you through the writing and publication process. To submit a proposal please write a 150-200 word description of the issue you want to explore and send it to

Submission Guidelines

Electronic Submission

We strongly encourage contributors to submit their manuscripts via email to, preferably in Microsoft Word format (.docx).

Length Limitations

There are no length limits. Feel free to submit manuscripts of any length, however, we suggest you be as concise as possible.

Citation Format

Please use endnotes instead of footnotes. We will work with you on citation formatting after manuscript acceptance, but we use Nature Citation Formatting.

When to submit?

Whenever your article is ready. If an article meets our rigorous quality standards, then we will never reject an article for lack of space; rather, we will hold it for publication in the next issue. To be sure your article is featured in a specific upcoming issue, please submit before the issue specific submission deadline.


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